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       VOCs is complex in composition and difficult to control.BME adopts "one enterprise, one solution" strategy for the control of VOCs to provide customers with whole-process control services including VOCs pollution link screening, analysis of raw and auxiliary materials, production process traceability, monitoring system establishment, collection system transformation, end treatment, waste heat recovery and treatment effect evaluation. The customized pretreatment scheme, which is a combination of mainstream terminal treatment technologies, such as RCO and RTO, can control the VOCs effectively and make them meet the standard;The "hot nitrogen cycle, diversion condensation and recovery" technology was collected by A Collection of Advanced Technologies for the Prevention and Control of Air Pollution, which was jointly released in March 2014 by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Environmental Protection. It innovatively solved the energy utilization efficiency problem in the traditional thermal gas desorption process, and created economic benefits while reducing pollution emissions for customers.

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